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Brad’s love and passion for retrievers started when he was sixteen years old and got his first duck dog, a Deadgrass Chesapeake Bay Retriever, who he personally trained. In 1994, Brad turned his interest to Labrador Retrievers and was introduced to the Hunting Retrievers Club, HRC Hunt Test. His primary focus is to bring the very best out of a dog in competition and hunting.

Sheri grew up with a love for all dogs; and, training them has been a lifelong avocation. She has been helping others train their dogs for over 30 years. Sheri bought her first black Labrador Retriever in 2006. At the advice of her veterinarian, Sheri met with a professional trainer and was introduced to the American Kennel Club, AKC Competition Hunt Test. Sheri has been training and helping others compete with their dogs ever since.

Brad and Sheri enjoy training puppies from the moment they start showing their natural instincts. They are passionate about taking a pup through all the small training steps to reach the true potential of that specific dog performing the natural behaviors of their breed.  They love seeing their clients or their client’s children run dogs they’ve trained at local and national competitions or from the duck blind.

Brad and Sheri are also committed to rehabilitating rescued or mistreated dogs and turning them into someone’s beloved companion or hunting partner. 

“We work seven days a week to bring out the best in Retrievers in a nurturing, positive environment.  We are a family oriented business where the dog’s family is always welcome in our home! We take as much pleasure working with owners as we do working with the dogs.” When a dog knows what work is expected of it, and the owner knows how best to let the dog do that work, both end up happy. And, Brad and Sheri believe a happy dog will always have a happy hunter standing next to them!

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