2502 T&B Training & Beeper



The Dogtra 2502 T&B is the 2-dog version training and beeper collar with a built in horn on the receiver designed for the serious upland hunter.


The Dogtra 2502T&B e-collar is a 2-dog system designed for the serious upland hunter. The 1-mile range means you will have the control and locate ability on long ranging bird dogs. The Dogtra 2502T&B offers a unique beeper horn that is built into the receiver/collars. This unique design eliminates bulkiness and reduces the risk of catching on obstacles while in the field.

The beeper comes in 3 modes in Run/Point, Point Only and Locate. The Dogtra 2502T&B receiver outputs a Low-High stimulation from 1-127 levels, designed for dogs 35 pounds or larger. The compact handheld transmitter features a patented Rheostat Intensity Dial and an illuminated LCD display to precisely control the stimulation level. The 2502T&B’s wide range of stimulation will fit any dog’s personality from mild to the most stubborn.