Puppy Training


  • Socialization (Extremely Important)
  • Introduction to birds
  • Lots of marks
  • Introduction to water
  • Obedience

We provide a foundation for obedience training and good canine behavior while keeping it a fun puppy experience. We use a reward based training system to teach and bring out the natural Retriever behaviors you want to see in these very young students.  We never expect 100% perfection from dogs we train, but we want to get dogs to about 70-80% obedience and compliance by the time they leave us. That means the owner/handler will need to keep up with their training.

Approximately Starting at 7 weeks.

Shawnee Hills Retrievers offer basic crate training for young puppies, as well as basic obedience training for puppies. For hunters, we also offer advanced training in water fowl hunting.


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